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My Heart is Full. But My Body is Tired.

I have two beautiful babies. They are both healthy.

My heart is full.

One boy one girl.

My heart is full.

I have a husband who is a great dad to them.

My heart is full.

We have friends and family who love us, and our babies.

My heart is full.

But there are times though when motherhood leaves me weary and,

My body is tired.

My toddler wants to play princesses but her brother is hungry.

My body is tired.

I need to get the house picked up but the baby wants to be held and fed.

My body is tired.

The newborn is finally asleep but my daughter comes in my room after she wet her bed.

My body is tired.

These first weeks of being a mom of two under 3 has left me tired. So so tired. But with all of this tiredness is an immense feeling of love. In the (few) quiet moments I just stare in awe of what God has given me. I remind myself that this is only a season. But just as the night feedings will end so will my daughters need for me to snuggle her to sleep.

So bittersweet.

If today you are feeling weary, or maybe like you want to give up, know that it will pass.

Remember that seasons change. Motherhood is constantly evolving into new stages giving you new experiences.

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Isaiah 40:29

In love,


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