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Gift Ideas For the Kiddos!

Hi Friends,

I am just feeling all the holly jolly feels! I had a blast putting together some lists for my two favorite kiddos. I hope this gives you some fun ideas this Christmas season!

1. Ruby Doll: Made by one of my favorite brands, Matilda Jane. I asked Avery to choose from the three new dolls they came out with and she told me Ruby was her favorite! I LOVE the little outfit she comes in. And bonus, her outfit comes in little girl sizes too! 

2.  Tegu Blocks: We have never played with these buy I have heard amazing things! They are magnetic which makes for super fun building. I am a proponent of creative play so I really love these. 

3. Vet Outfit: Avery has made several career changes lately, first she was on track to be a doctor, then a space doctor and now a veterinarian. She loves animals, so when she found out you could be an animal doctor she was sold. I love her!

4. Bitty Baby Washer/Dryer: We love playing pretend together. Avery has been wanting this forever! I was kind of confused at first as to why she would want to do laundry for fun, haha! But I totally get if, if she put this next to her play kitchen she would have her own little play house! And heck, maybe I can teach her how to do laundry while we play!

5. Alice and Ames Dress: Love love LOVE these dresses. They are durable, awesome quality and beautifully made! Avery loves twirling in them and I hope she stays twirling for many many years.

6. Bookshelf: I love reading, and I hope that Avery learns to love it as well. I feel like this bookshelf would be super helpful for her since the titles would be facing out instead of buried in a cubby somewhere.

7. Body Puzzle: When I was really little I was super into anatomy, and the human body in general. I mean I was 6 years old infatuated with ER documentaries. I had no idea that Avery would be so interested in the same thing! She loves learning about the human body. I love how this puzzle breaks everything down visually.

On to Mr. Ryder! He inspired my toddler boy list! I feel like it would be a good fit for a boy 1-2 years old.

1. Grimm Rainbow Stacker: The possibilities with these things are endless! I love the open ended play this stacker inspires

2. Sand Box With Cover: I am looking forward to many backyard playdates since our backyard is finally in playable condition! Both kids, ESPCIALLY Ryder love playing in this little dirt pile, I would love to get this for him so I don't have to hose him down every time we play outside. 

3. Dump Truck: If you give the kid a sand box, he's going to need a big ol' dump truck to go with it. 

4. New Shoes: This baby is growing so fast! He is almost grown out of his converse and I'm thinking the next pair of shoes he gets need to involve velcro. He does not sit still!

5. Sound Machine: I know, lame mom award. But since I'm going back to school this might help get him to sleep through the night, in his crib? I'll take any advice you have! 

6. Train Table: Ryder loves anything with wheels and making things go! I can totally see him spending tons of time at this table!

7. Farm Animal Set: These are super durable and I think Ryder would love setting them up, setting them on a table or carrying them around in the dump truck! 

Christmas Gift Guide for the New Mama

I have a big heart for new mamas. Maybe it's because I had a pretty tough time transitioning with both kiddos. There's just something really unique about the weeks following a new baby. Can you smell the new baby smell?! I put together this fun gift guide for the new mama in your life of maybe for you if you have recently had a baby! I hope it gives you some fun ideas!

1. A go to mama hat: No time for dry shampoo, throw on a hat, this one from Tiny Trucker is simple and adorable, and hey, I think the white in it will match the spit up on your yoga pants... haha!

2. A go to mama tee: You guys! This shirt is TOO good. Very quickly when you become a mom you realize you are truly winging it. Why not spread the comradery with this super rad jersey by Weestructed. A company ran by one of the sweetest moms I know, she gets it guys!

3. A ULTRA cozy robe: I have totally been lusting over this robe, I admit it. It just looks so cozy! And totally easy to nurse in, sense, let's face it, your boobs are pretty much out to play 24/7 with a newborn. Found here:

4. A Custom Mug: How sweet is this? The perfect way to welcome a new mom to her new means of survival, caffeine. Can be personalized with baby's name. Swallows Grace Mug

5. A Pumping Bag: This is new from the diaper bag master minds, Jujube. A pump bag! This would be much more functional and way more fun to tote around! It fits your pump, has a mommy pocket and is machine washable. Oh! And there is a lifetime warranty. You can find it here: Be Supplied Bag

6. Urban Organics Skincare: I have heard amazing things about this brand! They carry all natural skincare, body care and baby items. Just remember, if you buy the bath salts you have to watch the babe so she actually gets to use them!

7. Gold Bar Necklace: So pretty and such a treasure! Mint & Birch makes the prettiest bar necklaces. You could get baby's name on it or even a tiny moon symbolizing the moon that was in the sky the night baby was born.

New mamas are giving a lot of love so they totally need someone to fill their cup and love on them too! My next post will have some fun ideas for the kiddos!

In love,

Christmas Gift Guide for The Husband

It's the most wonderful time of the year! We finally got our tree up and if you saw the Instagram story I posted that was no easy task. It was a two day affair, we started at a tree farm and ended up at Costco. Which was totally a blessing because we got the biggest tree we've ever had for $30!

In our house I feel like we don't buy a lot of extras for ourselves during the year. So during this season I try my best to remember all those times I said to myself, "Blake would love that or wow what a good Christmas gift!"

Here's a little list of things I think my husband (and maybe your husband/BF) would love!

1 & 6: Both from this coffee is AMAZING. Seriously I drink it and after I feel like I could walk to China. And I mean if you get the guy some coffee you have to get him a rad mug to go with it.

2. A subscription to dollar shave club. I don't know why I haven't thought of this before. Razors are so stupid expensive and buying them always sabotages my Target trip.

3. A Mission Critical Baby Carrier- This thing is SO COOL! We just recently got one and my husband was so stoked on it. I think it totally brought back all the Army feels for him. I could not believe the quality of this carrier though. It is super durable, functional and it has a LIFETIME warranty. Bonus, I love using it too! I just throw it on and throw Ryder in.

4. A Yeti Cooler: My husband loves lake trips, desert trips and trips to the motorcycle track. All of these things include us hauling a butt ton of water, drinks and snacks for the kids. It would be AWESOME to keep things cold longer.

5. Car Track Shirt: This is just funny. It's a tshirt with a race track on the back, dad lays down and the kids play on his back, haha!

7. Tactical Baby Gear Diaper Bag: This thing is just awesome. It seems super functional! SO many pockets to keep you organized and it even has a dump pouch for dirty diapers. A DUMP POUCH guys! So perfect. I love that you could add patches to it to make it personal too. Such a great gift for a new dad!

Stay tuned for a few more gift guides in the next few days! I hope this gave you some ideas because I know first hand how hard it is for the guy who says "oh don't get me anything".

In love, Rachel

A Unique Way to Give Back This Holiday Season with Ralph's and Huggies

 I know I am not the only one that is blown away at how fast this year went by! Now that we are in November coming into full holiday season I am just yearning to slow time down just a little.

Maybe it just seems to be going by faster since I am literally chasing two toddlers around all day!

As we come up to this holiday season though I am thinking of ways to show my kids that it is far better to give than receive. Avery's getting older so I am hoping to include her in some fun projects this year. Like operation christmas child and purchasing gifts for kiddos whose parents are in a U-turn for Christ program.

Along with those two organization Huggies and Ralph's have teamed up to do something worth speaking up about. They have partnered with the National Diaper Bank Network this year to donate up to 1 million diapers to families in need. And the need is huge. Did you know 1 in 3 U.S families struggle to keep their little one clean, dry? 1 in 3. As a fellow mama I know how hard it is to budget when little ones are using diapers and or Pull Ups. They can be a huge expense.

You can help by doing something you already do! By buying diapers. For every pack of Huggies purchased at Ralph's now through December 2nd Huggies will donate a day's worth of diapers to the National Diaper Bank.

To learn more you can head over here: