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Gift Guide For the Pregnant Mama

Hello friends! 

I am so excited to have this post up, finally!

I love gift guides, and I also love sharing my absolute favorite thing with you! Being pregnant during the holidays sure is fun and you can bet 10 gingerbread cookies I am loving every minute of it!
Haha!!! My stretchy pants can handle all the holiday dinners and I'm not mad about it.

This year I am keeping my guides short and sweet but full of amazing stuff. Here we go!
1. The Snoogle: I have decided that EVERY pregnant mama needs a snoogle, it's almost non-negotiable. It would be ideal if they handed you one upon getting a positive pregnancy test. I have mine from my last pregnancy and I just couldn't wait to get it out again. So so cozy! And it's not only amazing for sleep but you can put it in all different configurations for just sitting up in bed (hello heartburn!) or even nursing that new baby! So if your favorite lil' mama doesn't have a snoogle, get her one this year! 

2. Mama Bear Tee: I have been obsessed with Loved By Hannah And Eli since Avery was just a tiny baby! Gifting any of Sarah's Mama Bear items is the perfect way to add to the excitement of a new mom. There are a ton of different styles/color to choose from you can find something for anyone! BONUS! Use the code mamaloveslittle15 for 15% off your order!

3. Pregnancy Journal: You have heard me rave about Val Marie Paper Co. before! I just love their stuff so much. So much thought goes into their products and the sweetest mama is behind the brand with her whole heart in each item. When I saw this pregnancy journal I thought it would be the perfect gift for an expecting mama. Such a sweet time to remember!

4. Belli Skincare: When I was pregnant with Ryder I got a sample of Belli Skin Care's belly oil and I loved it! So much that when I found out I was pregnant again I was so excited to go get some. I got the chance to try a few of their products and they have all been awesome! The belly oil smells so so good, is not greasy at all and soaks right into your skin. This would be such a fun gift, you could even make a at home spa basket!

5. Hydro Flask: These are AMAZING. You know pregnant people need A TON of water. So much you just gotta drink it all day long. Having one of these has been a game changer. I drink more water if it comes out of a straw and it cold. My Hydro Flask does both! I have the huge 42oz bottle with a straw lid and drink at least 3 of those a day. They last forever and have great customer service! Totally recommend these over any other brand. 

6. Pink Blush Gift Card: Pink Blush is my favorite place for maternity clothes. I would be so excited to get a gift card for their store! It can be hard to buy clothes you only wear for a few months but all of my Pink Blush pieces have been transitioned into my postpartum wardrobe so there is no waste here! Their stuff is great quality, trendy and affordable. 

I hope you got some fun ideas from my short and sweet guide! I just love being pregnant during this time of year! SO many things to be thankful for! Merry Christmas!

In love,


Baby Food and Brunch!

Hi friends!

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a mommy party with Beech-Nut® Naturals! It was a so much fun to have my friends and their ADORABLE babies over! The little ones got to sample these Beech-Nut® Naturals purees while the older kiddos played.

I made the yummiest skillet breakfast too! I'll have to remember how I made it and post the recipe because it was so good and super easy!

A few things about Beech-Nut® and why I was so excited to host this party!

• Made with real fruits and vegetables, just like you would use at home
• 100% natural, nothing artificial
• Only ingredients a baby could pronounce
• Also available in organic

So good! With 2 very active kiddos and one on the way this is the best way I can feed the newest babe all the goodness of homemade without all the fuss.

I will say my samplers were also pretty impressed!

It was so nice to have friends over to play, just talk motherhood and drink all the coffee! The big kids were pretty happy to play with their friends too. Taking time to sit with friends is always a blessing, even if you feel like you are too busy, I encourage you to get out and just sit with fellow mamas who are in the trenches with you. I guarantee you will be filled up, encouraged and ready to tackle the rest of the week!

After all the fun I got to send home a goodie bag to each one of the mamas!

A baby food koozie! Oh my gosh, I was so excited when I saw these!

Thank you so much Beech-Nut® for helping me host my friends! And for a fun morning full of laughter and coffee!

Real Food For Babies!

Hello friends! Hope you are all doing well and are getting some rest before all the hustle and bustle of the Holidays! Baby number 3 is due in April and we are getting ready a little earlier than usual so we are not overwhelmed with 3 little people in the house. I can’t believe we are going to be outnumbered!

Since this is baby number 3 we have a pretty good grip on what we will need for that babyhood stage. We know which diapers were going to use, which swaddles, and now we know about the booger sucker connected to the straw which is totally genius.

After doing some research I found out which baby food brand looks the best for us as well! I had Ryder test some for us and he has been enjoying some “baby sauce” (Beech-Nut®’s Just Apples!) so  that's a great sign!

Here are a few reasons to love Beech-Nut® Naturals™

-It’s affordable! I love the price point of all their products!

-Their food was created with the input of real moms and dads, like the employees from the company visited real families homes and watched babies eat! How cool is that!

-Everything is inspired by homemade. Homemade is awesome! But I know that I will not have the time or energy to make all of baby Sadie’s food! And that is fine by me!

-The food is made with real fruits and veggies just like you would use if you were to make it yourself.

-It is 100% natural! 100%! Nothing is artificial!

-Don’t panic you can get it in organic! Beech-Nut® also offers a line of organic food, woo-hoo!

There are many reasons to love Beech-Nut® and I’m just so excited and relieved that when it’s time for baby food we will know right where to go and what to grab!

Get Geared Up for Cold/Flu Season!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc., Kleenex, Lipton, and Theraflu. All opinions are mine alone. #FluSeasonHacks #CollectiveBias

Hello Friends!

I am so excited for cooler weather! I can’t tell you how happy I was to visit our local pumpkin patch and not be sweating! Because in years past that has totally happened! And then I just go home, crank the AC and pretend it’s fall. Every time though, when it gets cooler, I feel like cold/flu season just creeps right back into our home. Without fail one of us will get sick and then soon after were all suffering. And can I just say, one of the worst things about this whole deal is the store run for cold/flu supplies. I have two little kids, and getting them to a store is no easy feat. It’s literally an adventure, every time. So this year I decided to get together a little box of goods to sit in our pantry just ready for when the germs decide to come out. Here is what I picked up from Ralph’s:

Kleenex® Germ Removal Wet Wipes with dependable care and ultimate softness, to wipe yucky hands and surfaces.

Lipton Bedtime Bliss tea, which I may have already dug’s really good! Their wellness range, made with carefully selected botanicals and blended with essential oils, helps make wellbeing a part of your everyday routine. An herbal infusion that sings you to sleep, like a lullaby in a cup.*

Theraflu Power Pods Nighttime Severe Cold, how cool are these! You just pop one into your single serve coffee maker and you are good to go! Press. Sip. Relief. It’s powerful relief without a prescription.

They temporarily relieve these symptoms due to a cold:

minor aches and pains
nasal and sinus congestion
cough due to minor throat and bronchial irritation
minor sore throat pain
Temporarily reduces fever

After I gathered these things to get my stash started I just got a little basket and labeled it! Then put it up high!

Just having some of this stuff ready and available makes me feel a lot less stressed about the chance of someone coming down with something. I definitely plan on adding more things here and there especially for the kiddos so I am happy I got this little stash started!

If you would like to check out any of the products I mentioned above you can go here or visit your local Kroger. I shopped at Ralphs which is part of the Kroger Family of Stores.

Look for the $1.50 coupon on 4-pack Kleenex Facial Tissues, for Kleenex Germ Removal Wet Wipes. And, 11/4-11/24 you can get .50¢ off Kleenex 4-pack bundles and Kleenex Wet Wipes via this digital offer. You can also save $2.00 on any ONE (1) Theraflu Power Pods through 12/8, via this digital offer.

Kleenex - ©KCWW, Lipton - © 2018 Unilever Theraflu - ©2018 the GSK group of companies or its licensor. Read and follow label directions. Theraflu is for use in adults 12 years and older. Use products only as directed.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent disease.